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Winter Percussion

Welcome to the NHS Winter Percussion Family!

Naugatuck High School Winter Percussion Presents "Switch" with logo

Welcome to the NHS Winter Percussion! We are very pleased to have you as member of our program. I believe you will find the program to be both challenging and rewarding. We will work together throughout the season to make Winter Percussion a wonderful and successful experience for everyone!


The student handbook contains a great deal of information and is a great resource for all students, not just those participating for the first time. In addition to the handbook, information and program updates are available on our google drive (see "Additional Resources" tab) in addition to Parent Square. Please check both resources often to ensure you have the most updated information.


If, at the conclusion of the preliminary rehearsals, you would like to participate in Winter Percussion you will need to submit an electronic “Permission & Medical Information” form below to confirm your commitment to the program, as well as acknowledges receipt of the student handbook. Please check the winter schedule (found in the Google Drive) to ensure you have no significant conflicts. 

We look forward to a successful season!



Manny Arboleda

Fine Arts Coordinator


Colin Mason

Percussion Director

Program Commitments

Regular Season Rehearsals

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:00-9:00pm.

Saturdays are from 12:00-4:00pm in December, then 10:00am-4:00pm starting in January.

There will also be a once-a-month Sunday rehearsal due to not having any gym-time during the school week. Rehearsals usually end with the director providing students with important information regarding the week’s schedule, handout any paperwork needed, etc. The attendance policy is in effect for all regular season rehearsals.

Daily Saturday rehearsal schedule (No Competition scenario): 

  • 10 am - Rehearsal block
  • 12:00 - Lunch (on premise)
  • 1:00 - Rehearsal block
  • 4:00 - Dismissal

Daily Saturday rehearsal schedule (12pm start scenario):

  • 12 pm - Rehearsal block
  • 4:00 - Dismissal

Students are required to come prepared with an insulated container full of water to start the day.

Students have 45 minutes - 1 hour for lunch and it is recommended they bring their lunch in a cooler (no refrigerator is available) as they may not leave campus for lunch.

Here’s a list to help you be prepared for Regular Rehearsals!

What to wear? (Appropriate for weather)
  • Comfortable sneakers with socks (No flip flops or sandals – including pit students)
  • Comfortable athletic gear (no jeans)
What to bring?
  • Music – all of it – all of the time
  • 3-ring binder with sheet protectors (for show music/drill)
  • Pencil (edit music and drill)
  • Dot book – provided by Greyhound Band Association
  • Water only in the band room. No “sugared” beverages are allowed.


We will compete 4 times this season. All competitions are held on Saturdays. The tentative competitive schedule is found in the Winter Percussion Google Drive (found below) and a regularly updated schedule will be communicated through Parent Square. There will always be slight adjustments to the schedule based on weather or unforeseen circumstances; however, it will only be when absolutely necessary and in the best interest of the program. 

Show Day Run Down

  • Rehearsal
    • Generally Saturday rehearsals begin at 10am, but the time and length of rehearsal is based on our competitive performance time, which changes from week-to-week. Rehearsal time will be confirmed a week prior to the competition. Normally, we will rehearse for 3-4 hours during the day and leave for performances in mid to late afternoon.
  • Break
    • Students are given approximately a two-hour break after rehearsal to eat and prepare for the performance. Please bring a late lunch/early dinner to rehearsal. Students are not allowed to leave campus.
  • “Class A” Uniform
    • You will check out your percussion uniform after rehearsal and will change into that prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • Showtime
    • Once students arrive at the competition site, they participate in a warm-up routine and then perform the show inside the host’s gym. After the performance, students are brought back to the buses and are under the direction of parent volunteers.

  • Food
    • At most shows students will have the opportunity to purchase additional food, after they change. It is the student’s responsibility to bring cash with them – most venues do not accept credit or debt cards.

  • Awards
    • Once the show is complete student leaders participate in the awards ceremony. Once awards are distributed parent volunteers will escort students back to the bus. Students are to remain together at all times, notify parents if they need to use the restroom/purchase food, and are to use the buddy system. No exceptions.
  • Unload
    • Once the ensemble returns to school, students are required to help unload the equipment truck. Please have your parents called and ready for you when we return. We all help, as we all want to get home as soon as possible and many hands make light work!

Dressing for Success

Musician Uniforms

“Class A” uniforms are worn for all percussion competitions. This year, there may be a cost to the uniform that will be specific to the theme of the show. The uniform will be kept by the performer at the end of the season. Each student is fitted for a uniform during the early season and is responsible for their assigned uniform when it arrives.
Each student is responsible for the cost of the marching shoes. Cost is $37 for shoes. Students must purchase, on their own, appropriate undergarments to be worn under the uniform for the warm and cold weather. We will specify the color (white or black) of the undergarments once we design the uniform for this year’s show.
Rules for “Class A” Competitive Dress
  • This year students will wear plain black shoes and pants from home along with a uniform top that will need to be purchased by the students. The cost of this year's uniform is $25. Students can keep the uniform at the end of the season. 
  • Black socks must be pure black. No colored heals, stripes, Nike symbols etc. The colored heals of the socks will show when marching and take away from the uniformity of the group.
  • Socks must come up to your mid calf so no ‘skin’ is showing when you march.
  • Undergarments include: Plain black t-shirts (No tank tops/cutoffs), shorts, & socks.
  • Uniforms must be in pristine condition for the next performance. Please follow washing instructions carefully.

Equipment Care and Maintenance 

Personal Equipment

Students are responsible for the care, cleaning, and continual maintenance of their own equipment. It is each student’s responsibility to make sure the equipment is in perfect working condition at all times. Please be sure it is cleaned, polished, and checked by the staff to ensure that it is in working order.

Percussion Instruments

All percussion instruments are provided by the band program, but each student is responsible for their assigned instruments and its care. Students must have their own sticks and mallets at every rehearsal. They are part of your instrument, as they cannot be played without them. Extra drumsticks will be provided to students at the cost of $10 per pair.

Attendance Policy


Attendance is not optional, and absences may affect a student’s earned credit and/or future participation. Even if just one student is not present it adversely affects the entire ensemble’s ability to rehearse effectively. Unlike other competitive activities we do not have subs to put in when a student is absent.
In order for the ensemble to be successful, all students need to be present and on time, every time. Some advice: arrive ten minutes before rehearsal begins. This allows you to gather all necessary rehearsal equipment and be ready to rehearse five minutes prior to the start of rehearsal.
If you have an extenuating circumstance and must be absent, there is a form that must be submitted one week prior to the absence, and your section leader should be notified. 

Absentee Form

In the event of a last-minute unavoidable emergency, you must notify your section leader or director. Missing of multiple rehearsals and/or a performance is subject to immediate dismissal from the group.

Attendance Policy:

  • Students must be at all rehearsals and performances
  • Performances include all competitions and concerts
  • Excused absences may include: illness, death in the family, school sponsored trip, game/performance in lieu of rehearsal
  • Illness is only excused with a doctor's note 
Students who miss a performance or three unexcused rehearsals will be: 
  • Benched during next competitive performance (must still attend)
  • Denied extra credit if enrolled

Credit and Behavior Policies


NHS Students who successfully complete a competitive season will be awarded a full fine arts credit.

Behavioral Policy

  • Students must be respectful at all times to the staff, ensemble members, and volunteers.
Guide to appropriate conduct:
  • No swearing or inappropriate language
  • Listen and follow directions - No talking back
  • Keep away from equipment/instruments that do not belong to you o Stay in your assigned area at all times
Students that disrupt the learning environment will incur the following repercussions: 
  • First offense - student will receive a verbal warning
  • Second offense - temporary suspension from the program (all rehearsals & performances) until a meeting is held with the student, student’s parents, band director, and an administrator
  • Third offense - student may be dismissed from the program
-2022 Uniform Cost: $25
-We have added the following competitions to the Season Calendar:
Feb 26 - Naugatuck HS
March 5 - Trumbull HS
March 12 - Bunnell HS
March 19 - Norwalk HS
March 26 - Shelton HS
April 2 - Newtown HS
Event details will be communicated once we receive more info from Musical Arts Conference.