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Marching Band

Welcome to the Marching Band Family!

Welcome to the NHS Marching Band! We areTrumpet Player very pleased to have you as member of our program. I believe you will find the program to be both challenging and rewarding. We will work together throughout the season to make Marching Band a wonderful and successful experience for everyone!


The student handbook contains a great deal of information and is a great resource for all students, not just those participating for the first time. In addition to the handbook, information and program updates are available on our google drive (see "Additional Resources" tab) in addition to Parent Square. Please check both resources often to ensure you have the most updated information.


If, at the conclusion of our two full ensemble spring practices (June 7 and June 9), you would like to participate in Marching Band you will need to submit an electronic “Permission & Medical Information” form below to confirm your commitment to the program and acknowledge receipt of the student handbook. This form must be completed no later than June 15th to confirm participation in our program. Please check the season calendar (found in the Google Drive) to ensure you have no significant conflicts. 

We look forward to a successful season!



Manny Arboleda

NHS Band Director

NPS Fine Arts Coordinator

Program Commitments

Spring Practices

Introduction to Marching Band and Color Guard. Here, we develop fundamental techniques for our music and visual program. Spring Practices run from 6pm-9pm in the NHS Music Wing. Members will have multiple opportunities to test the waters. They will meet the staff, parent volunteers, and of course, other members, as well as receive music and other resources needed to master our competitive program. Check out the Season Calendar for these dates and times.

FUNdamentals Camp

This 4-day camp is a chance for students to learn from Music Education Majors and Music Teachers about the fundamentals of their instrument and music literacy. All musicians are encouraged to attend, especially new members, because it's a great transition from middle school to high school. We'll throw in fun activities and new music to make sure there's something for everyone. This will take place from 9am-12pm June 20, 21, 22, and 23 with a show and tell at the end of the last day. 

Summer Practices

The NHS Music Wing and the practice lot will be available every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer from 6pm-9pm leading up to Band Camp. Here, we continue to define and refine our music and visual technique by advancing through the show music, music warm ups, and visual blocks/choreography. We understand summer is summer, so we ask that you please make the effort to come to practices if you are not away for vacation. We need a commitment from every member (signed registration form) by July 21.
Regular Season Practices (Post Band Camp)
These practices run from 6pm-9pm every Tuesday and Thursday. The attendance policy will be in effect from Band Camp until the end of the season. We grow together, and in this activity, one absence can negatively effect several members in a drill form and/or musical phrase. 
Once-a-week, student-led, practices that allow students to work on their show music or visual technique with their instrumental section one hour before the official practice starts. Sectionals are a good way for students to bond with their section and provide/apply individualized feedback before joining the rest of the ensemble at 6pm. 
One way to support our community is by participating in parades. We usually march in 3: Naugatuck Veterans Day, Ansonia Memorial Day (Sunday) and Naugatuck Memorial Day (Monday). These performances are required as a member of the Marching Band program. Dates and times for the 2022-2023 parades will be announced as soon as we get details from the parade officiants. 
Football Games
We perform at every home game in the fall. On the days where the Greyhound Band Association runs the concessions booth (usually 2-3 games), the band stays for the entire game. Otherwise, we will leave right after the half-time show. We will always perform at half-time because it is a great way to 1) promote the activity to the community and 2) prepare for the competition the following day. 

Here’s a list to help you be prepared for all practices:

What to wear? (Appropriate for weather)
  • Comfortable sneakers with socks (No flip flops or sandals – including pit students)
  • Comfortable athletic gear (no jeans)
What to bring?
  • Music – all of it – all of the time
  • Instrument and accessories for maintenance (valve oil, grease, etc)
  • 3-ring binder with sheet protectors (for show music/drill)
  • Pencil (edit music and drill)
  • Dot book – provided by Greyhound Band Association
  • Water only in the band room. No “sugared” beverages are allowed. No eating in the band room. Let's keep the ants out!

Band Camp

A successful Band Camp leads to a successful season! Here, every member works together to learn the entire competitive show, musically and visually. It is crucial that all members commit to this camp so we start the season at full speed.
8/8-8/12 and 8/15-8/19
8:30am-12pm Block 1
12pm-1pm Lunch
1pm-4:30pm Block 2
Advice: Eat a healthy breakfast every day. Apply sunscreen before you arrive to practice. Apply appropriate lotion for sunburn, if applicable, at night. Stretch before bed. Drink water frequently. Set two alarms. Mark sure you have a ride/ask for a ride if you need one. 

Competitions (Saturdays)

Show Day Run Down

Practice Before Travel: Saturday practices will typically start at 10am, depending on our performance time that afternoon or evening. If a practice ever needs to start sooner or later, we will be sure to send out an update in advance via REMIND (Text this number: 81010 and type this message: @greymarch to receive instant updates) REMIND will be used for quick, instant  updates such as last minute cancellations, emergency notifications, and important reminders. ParentSquare will be used for longer messages and important information throughout the year. 


Pre-Show: Students should pack a lunch or have someone bring them a lunch to eat before leaving for the show. After lunch, all members clean and service their instruments/equipment. Then, they get into “halves”. This is the halfway point before being in full Class A Uniform. Halves dress is for the musicians in the ensemble: a black t-shirt, black tall socks, black undergarments, the pants of the Class A uniform, and marching shoes/gloves. The Color Guard uses this time to prepare and change into their show uniform. The uniform top for musicians should be hung nicely in the garment bag and brought onto the bus with the shako/head wear for that season, instrument, and a separate packed bag with the Class B uniform, extra layers, extra snacks or water, and/or money for food following the performance. More info on Class B jackets To Be Announced.


Students are expected to be on their best behavior at all times. 


Under no circumstances may students leave the competition site without prior parental written request and subsequent director approval.


Class A Uniform: Traditional uniform seen on the field during competitions and at parades. All hair must be up completely invisible under the shako (headwear). Hair elastics, bobby pins, snap-clips, or headbands required to make this happen are the responsibility of the student. 

Marching shoes should have your name, in permanent marker, written on the inside of the shoe. Black socks must be pure black. No stripes, symbols, etc. Socks must be tall. Undergarments are black. Includes: T-shirts (no tank tops/cutoffs), shorts, thermals, & socks. Athletic wear works best; no jeans material is to be used.


Event Procedure

  • The director and instructors will carry cell phones for necessary communication. The band director will carry emergency contact forms and medical forms. The parent volunteers will always carry a first aid kit.
  • Before the performance, students must remain with their sections at all times. Often, percussion, guard, and winds will be separated and designated to different areas at the warm up site.
  • Chaperones will accompany the team and assist as needed. Upon arrival at the performance site, chaperones will follow the end zone of the field to the home stands for band viewing. 
  • The front ensemble crew will assemble the pit and will subsequently move away from the competition field to the home stands. Upon completion of performance, the students in the front ensemble will assist the crew in loading the truck. 
  • After the performance, students return to the busses to change into Class B uniforms and pick up extra layers and/or money or food. Then chaperones will watch over members as they watch other bands’ performances and the award ceremony.
  • Students must always travel with a buddy (a “2”) if they leave the area to go to the bathroom or buy a souvenir or food/drink. They cannot leave without notifying a chaperone or staff member.
  • While students are watching other bands, the staff is either listening to judges tapes or talking to the judges at the feedback meeting. 
  • After drum major retreat/awards, students will return to the buses where the drum majors and chaperones will account for attendance. 
  • Then, we take the bus back to NHS, where parents/guardians will be waiting to pick up their child on time. We will have the students call/text home to notify when we are close to the high school.

Equipment Care and Maintenance 

Personal Equipment: Students are responsible for the care, cleaning, and continual maintenance of their own equipment. It is each student’s responsibility to make sure the equipment is in perfect working condition at all times. Please be sure it is oiled, cleaned, polished, and checked professionally to ensure that it is in working order.


School Equipment: There is a limited number of school equipment that is loaned to students. There is also a rental fee for wind instruments that belong to the school. Any damage to equipment as a result of misuse or negligence will be billed to the student. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all equipment is properly cared for, including purchasing reeds, oiling, cleaning, and polishing.


Reed instruments: Students are responsible to purchase their reeds from local music retailers. All reed players (clarinets, all saxophones, and bass clarinets) should come to rehearsal with two reeds. If a student does not have a reed, they can purchase one in the band room at a cost of $3.00. This money goes towards the Naugatuck Public Music account to support the band with more reeds and other important items.


Brass Instruments: These instruments should have valve oil and slide grease. Instruments should be cleaned twice a year in a sink/tub. All parts should be in good working order.


Percussion Instruments: All percussion instruments are provided by the band program, but each student is responsible for their assigned instruments and its care. Students must have sticks and mallets at every rehearsal. They are part of your instrument, as they cannot be played without them. Extra sticks are provided to students at the cost of $10 per pair. 


Band Room: It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the band room clean and neat. Instruments must be put away in their assigned area. Only water is allowed in the band room. No food or drinks.


Student Leaders

Student Leaders are a great resource to students as they can assist in answering many questions you will have. (i.e. – Are we rehearsing in the band room or on the parking lot? When do I get my uniform? What time will we be getting home?). These questions and many more can and should be answered by the student leaders. If a student leader can’t answer a question, they will bring it to the Drum Majors or to the Director. The chain of leadership is set up this way, Section Leader to Drum Major to Band Director, to allow rehearsals to run smoothly and without unnecessary interruption.


Sectional Leaders: are responsible for taking care of an instrumental section. Students earn the right to be Leaders through an application process that takes into account their leadership qualities, participation in band activities, and attitude. These leaders will assist their instrumental group with show music and marching as well as other administrative responsibilities.


Guard Captains: are the student leaders of the color guard. These leaders will run ‘sectionals’ where they assist the guard with the weapon and flag work. The captains are also responsible to ensure that all students are prepared for rehearsals and competitions, including checking to make sure that all students’ have all necessary uniform, hair, and makeup for competitions, as well as their equipment. They also are required to stop by the band room occasionally to check-in with the band director for updates, as well as check the scheduled upcoming events on the white board to ensure all the information regarding events, fundraisers, rehearsals, etc. is communicated efficiently to the guard.


Drum Majors- are the marching band’s student conductors. The band director/assistant band director cannot be on the field with the students while performing at competitions, student leaders must direct them. The Drum Majors are responsible to get to rehearsal a half an hour early each evening to set up the field with the podiums, cones, and field markers. Drum Majors will run many elements of our rehearsals, along with the director and staff. The students must follow all instruction given by the Drum Major. The band director and the drum majors work very closely together to ensure things are operating smoothly. Students must trust that the Drum Majors will do what is in the best interest of the band. In addition to the standard application process drum majors also audition for the position by conducting in front of the band. These two items combined with their leadership skills and their attitude earns them the honor of drum major.


Attendance Policy


Starting 8/8/22, Band Camp, attendance is not optional, and absences may impact a student’s earned credit and/or future participation. Even if just one student is not present, it adversely affects the entire ensemble’s ability to practice effectively. Unlike other competitive activities, we do not have subs to put in when a student is absent.
In order for the ensemble to be successful, all students need to be present and on time, every time. Some advice: arrive ten minutes before practice begins. This allows you to gather all necessary equipment/information and be ready to start practice on time.
If you have an extenuating circumstance and must be absent, there is a form that must be submitted one week prior to the absence, and your section leader should be notified. 

Absentee Form

In the event of a last-minute unavoidable emergency, you must notify your director.

Missing multiple rehearsals and/or a performance is subject to immediate dismissal from the group.

Attendance Policy:

  • Students must be at all practices and performances
  • Performances include football games, parades, competitions, and concerts.
  • Excused absences may include: illness, death in the family, school sponsored trip, game/performance in lieu of a practice
  • Illness is only excused with a doctor's note 
Students who miss an unexcused performance or three unexcused practices will be: 
  • Asked to meet with the director and their parents/guardians to discuss future participation on the team 
  • Denied the extra 1.0 credit if enrolled at NHS

Credit and Behavior Policies


NHS Students who successfully complete a competitive season without missing a performance or 3 unexcused absences will be awarded a full fine arts credit.

Behavioral Policy

  • Students must be respectful at all times to the staff, ensemble members, and volunteers.
Guide to appropriate conduct:
  • No swearing or inappropriate language
  • Listen and follow directions - No talking back
  • Keep away from equipment/instruments that do not belong to you o Stay in your assigned area at all times
Students that disrupt the learning environment will incur the following repercussions: 
  • First offense - student will receive a verbal warning
  • Second offense - temporary suspension from the program (all rehearsals & performances) until a meeting is held with the student, student’s parents, band director, and an administrator
  • Third offense - student may be dismissed from the program
Season Calendar
May Events:
  • May 17 - 6pm-9pm Percussion 
  • May 18 - 7pm - NHS Spring Concert - Free - Choir @ 7, Band @ 8
  • May 19 - 6pm-8pm - Full Ensemble Parade Practice #1
  • May 24 - 6pm-8pm - Full Ensemble Parade Practice #2 and Reveals!
  • May 29 - Ansonia Parade - 11:30pm - Meet @ NHS (Time may change)
  • May 30 - 8:30am - Naugatuck Memorial Day Parade (Location: Vicinity of the intersection of North Main and Woodbine Streets, Union City section of Town. (Cumberland Farms - N Main St)
June Events:
  • June 2 - Guard and Percussion
  • June 6 - 6pm - Banquet @ NHS
  • June 7 - 6pm-9pm - Full Ensemble Practice for 2022 Season (New members welcome)
  • June 9 - 6pm-9pm - Full Ensemble Practice for 2022 Season 
  • June 14 - 6pm-9pm - Percussion practice (attendance policy will not be in effect until after Band Camp in August)
  • June 15 - Time TBD - NHS Graduation (Symphonic Band performs)
  • June 16 - 6pm-9pm - Guard and Percussion practice
  • June 20-23 - 9am-12pm - FUNdamentals Camp (all musicians are encouraged to attend)
  • June 28 - 6pm-9pm - Percussion
  • June 30 - 6pm-9pm - Guard and Percussion
July Events:
  • All Tuesdays in July - 6pm-9pm - Percussion
  • All Thursdays in July - 6pm-9pm - Full Ensemble 
August Events:
  • August 2 - 6pm-9pm - Percussion
  • August 4 - 6pm-9pm - Full Ensemble
  • August 8-12 - 8:30am-4:30pm - Band Camp Week 1 (lunch breaks are 12pm-1pm)
  • August 15-19 - 8:30am-4:30pm - Band Camp Week 2 (lunch breaks are 12pm-1pm)
  • Attendance Policy is in effect after Band Camp