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Strategic Plan

Naugatuck High School Strategic Framework 2018-2019

Priority #1: A Community that Expects all Learners to Demonstrate Competence, Engage in Deep and Critical Thinking, and Apply their Learning to Contribute to Improving our World

Rationale: If we cultivate a collaborative culture relentlessly focused on the growth of every student, every teacher and every leader, then every student will demonstrate competence as they become the Vision of the Graduate

Strategy 1.1: Empower every member of the community to view their learning as a progression rather than an event

  • Action A: NHS will develop a "Grading & Assessment Principles" document in order to align beliefs and assessment practices; these will include principles of assessment for learning and reflective of a student's level of mastery
  • Action B: All teachers will be trained as instructional rounds observers and will participate in rounds throughout the year; each department will conduct three rounds visits (one in the fall, one in the winter, and one in the spring)
  • Action C: NHS administration will facilitate a "community of practice" around coaching for department chairs, and will reduce the evaluation load of department chairs in order to provide more time for coaching teachers

Strategy 1.2: Design learning experiences/tasks that empower every student to explore, make meaning, create, and apply their learning in authentic ways

  • Action A: NHS leadership will facilitate professional learning for teachers to increase capacity for designing tasks that are authentic, meaningful, and aligned to NPS competencies
  • Action B: NHS teachers will use department planning time to collaboratively design tasks aligned with competencies and to analyze student work with the goal of adjusting instruction to ensure every learner can achieve competency
  • Action C: Teachers and department chairs, with support from administration, will develop an "assessment map" outlining summative tasks and competencies addressed in each content area and grade level
  • Action D: NHS administration will explore additional partnerships with area community colleges to provide opportunities for students to earn college credits while at NHS

Strategy 1.3: Plan learning targets/inquiry questions based on NHS Competencies/Scoring Guides that establish high expectations for every student in our school

  • Action A: NHS leadership will facilitate professional learning to increase teacher capacity to design meaningful learning targets using tasks and NPS competencies
  • Action B: NHS Teachers will use department planning time to collaboratively plan learning targets based on tasks, competencies, and analysis of student work
  • Action C: NHS administration will reinforce high expectations for every student by continuing to develop a system of targeted, "just-in-time" interventions

Priority #2: Naugatuck School District and Every School is a Safe, Welcoming, Happy and Adaptable Community

Rationale: If we promote authentic relationships and a shared commitment to the wellness and sociocultural and emotional learning of each and every member of our community, then our district and school climates will enable each and every learner to comfortably explore and develop themselves as learners and valued community members

Strategy 2.1: Ensure that every student at Naugatuck High School is meaningfully connected to teachers, staff, and other students

  • Action A: Teachers will meet on a regular, weekly basis with their advisory students, and tier 1 team will continue to develop advisory curriculum for social/emotional learning
  • Action B: Pilot freshman seminar course in collaboration with Dream Director to provide early intervention to disengaged 9th graders
  • Action C: Administration will collaborate with school counseling department to increase access to counselors
  • Action D: Teachers will collaborate to design tasks and instruction that are culturally relevant and meaningful to students
  • Action E: Teachers and administrators will promote more authentic relationships by enforcing an "away for the day" policy limiting the use of smartphones.

  • Strategy 2.2: Create conditions for a positive, welcoming school climate
  • Action A:  Administration, along with school counselors, will implement a chronic absence prevention plan to ensure that each student feels like a welcomed, valuable contributor to the NHS community and to remove potential obstacles to regular attendance
  • Action B: Administration will meet regularly with a wide variety of student leaders in order to proactively address issues related to student climate
  • Action C: Tier 1 team will meet regularly to review SWIS data and design schoolwide interventions using RIGHT program
  • Action D: Administration will seek to increase privileges around the building to positively reinforce RIGHT behaviors


Strategy 2.3: Foster a staff culture that is vibrant, inclusive, and collaborative

  • Action A:  Administration will incorporate staff wellness days throughout the year to promote both physical and emotional well-being
  • Action B: Administration will establish regular meetings (at least monthly) with union representatives in order to proactively collaborate on issues that affect staff morale
  • Action C: Administration will facilitate professional learning that builds the capacity of teachers to work in collaborative teams
  • Action D: Administration will incorporate teacher evaluation into a coherent professional growth framework that includes coaching, instructional rounds, and collaborative course teams, with goal of developing a mindset that for adults as well as children, learning is a progression and not an event

Strategy 2.4: Develop systems to protect the safety and security of the NHS community

  • Action A: Administration will develop/clarify roles and expectations for security staff
  • Action B: Administration will collaborate with Naugatuck PD to build capacity for staff to ensure student safety in the event of an emergency
  • Action C: Administration will finalize and provide to the Superintendent a detailed reunification plan to support other schools in case of emergency

Strategy 2.5: Leverage community resources to promote positive and welcoming school climate

  • Action A: Administration will collaborate with PPAB to define group's mission and increase membership
  • Action B: Administration will collaborate with Naugatuck PD to host learning nights that are designed to educate community members about joint efforts to ensure the safety of students
  • Action C: Increase collaboration with Naugatuck Youth Services, including developing school intervention guidelines that can be used by the Juvenile Review Board