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Located in the Waterbury Region, Naugatuck is a mix of business and community, where city meets country in an invigorating blend of attributes. It is the home of traditional, close-knit communities and some of the most successful companies in Connecticut. Naugatuck is a socio-economically diverse community of 32,000. Within the Naugatuck Public School System are five elementary schools, two intermediate schools, one middle school, and one high school.




School and Curriculum

Naugatuck High School is a comprehensive public high school serving grades 9-12, with an enrollment of approximately 1230. Naugatuck High School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. NHS offers an extensive array of programs and opportunities to meet the needs of its diverse student population. Naugatuck High School’s diversified curricula and assured assessments are designed to promote academic rigor and address students’ needs and talents. Students are required to meet specific course requirements and have the opportunity to select from a variety of elective courses relevant to their personal, educational and career goals. Levels of study include Advanced Placement, Honors, and Academic (*General level is for special education programs only). If available English for Speakers of Other Languages courses are designed to assist non and limited English speaking students.




Grade Distribution and Class Rank

Naugatuck High School ranks their students based on a weighted GPA at the end of each semester, provided they have been enrolled in NHS for three semesters or entered with the freshman class. Students’ GPA is cumulative and is determined by using a weighted point scale according to the challenge of the course.



  1. Accelerated courses taken at the middle school are not computed in the GPA.
  2. Pass/Fail courses are not included in GPA
  3. In exceptional cases, no class rank may be noted on the transcript  
  4. Passing average is a 70.  GPA Scale for 69 and below will then be 0.


Principal: John Harris
Associate Principal: Johnna Hunt
Dean of Student Affairs: James Leary
Dean of Student Affairs: Brian Mariano
Athletic Director: TBD



Deborah Rutigliano

A-DER, Grade 9-12:

Christina Caron

DES-KL, Grade 9-12:

Kristen Katrenya
KN-LZ, Grade 9-12
Deborah Rutigliano

M-RI, Grade 9 - 12

Peter Tragni

RJ-Z, Grade 9-12:

Matthew Rosen