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Community Service

Community Service Guidelines

Students may earn up to two (2) graduation credits by participating in a planned program of the school and/or community service.  Twenty-five (25) hours which is the equivalent of .25 credit of Community Service will be required for graduation.  Every 100 hours of successful voluntary, non-paid community service in an approved school or community/social service agency allows the student to earn one credit.  Students are allowed to earn partial credit based on the number of hours served (i.e., sixty hours = .60 credits).  The Program Coordinator or school counselor will provide specific details about the program. Verification forms are available in the College & Career Center (S171a). The 25 required hours must be completed by the end of semester one of a student’s senior year.


To avoid any chance that a student will perform hours that will not be acceptable, students must have the proposed community service pre-approved through the College & Career Center or their counselor.

  • Students may complete their community service hours at any time during grades 9 -11 based on pre-approval by the coordinator. Grade 12 students must complete hours by January.
  • Community service hours should be turned in upon completion of the community service activity. If the activity is ongoing we recommend that hours be turned in on a semester or yearly basis for record keeping purposes.
  • Students must serve their planned program in a school or 501c3 non-profit community/social service agency or governmental entity. Here is a list of suggested sites.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but just suggestive.

Suggested Sites

    • Any Naugatuck Public School
    • Non-Profit Agencies
    • Red Cross/Salvation Army/Goodwill
    • Hospitals
    • Foodbank
    • Rotary/Elks/Exchange/Lions sponsored events
    • Senior Center
    • Nursing Homes
    • Library
    • YMCA
    • Animal Shelter
    • Naugatuck Historical Society
    • Fire/Police Dept.
    • Police Explorers
    • Naugatuck Youth Services
    • Special Olympics
    • Hidden Acres Farm
    • Soup Kitchen
    • At NHS: Peer Tutoring, Excel Club, Interact Club, Team Managers, Best Buddies, Blood Drives, Parent Evening Escorts, Sodexho
Unacceptable forms of service include:
  • family related activities or businesses; odd jobs for neighbors or relatives; detention facilities; any activities that violate child labor laws; service rendered as a prerequisite for employment, service which allows the student to barter for other personal benefits; services which put the student in harm’s way; activities which leave the student unsupervised or working only with an employee who is not in a supervisory position; private home daycares or business.
  • A student cannot volunteer for work that is normally done by a paid employee, even if the student does the work for free.  The following examples would not be accepted as community service.
    • Working at any business to help out with work (the business is for profit)
    • Helping out at a dance studio or gym
    • Helping out at a local daycare business
    • Watching siblings or an older relative
  • Community service must be performed during non-school hours, except for students who perform community service during their lunch breaks or study halls, such as peer tutors, library assistants, etc.
  • Students may not be paid or receive any remuneration for their services. Community service hours cannot be hours served for other purposes.
  • Credit will be awarded when proper documentation from the on-site supervisor is received. Paperwork must be completed by an adult employee working in a supervisory capacity.
  • When documentation of successful completion is received, the coordinator will complete the paperwork to award credit and the interpersonal skill graduation performance standard as applicable. A student must complete 25 hours to receive .25 credit.  Twenty-five hours will fulfill part of the required 21st Century Learner Civic Expectation graduation requirement.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the forms and to return the completed forms to the coordinator. NHS will not mail or retrieve forms for students.
  • Students are not allowed to do court-ordered community service at NHS and cannot count court-ordered community service toward NHS credit.