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Keith Fowler

Social Studies Teacher

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela



I am teaching US History and Contemporary Issues this year. This will be my fourteenth year in education, my tenth as a teacher. For the past three years I was living and teaching in San Diego California, at a great school called Innovations Academy. I learned a lot there about progressive education methodology and feel very lucky to be working in a district that embraces this 21st century learning approach. 

About Mr. Fowler

The first thing most people will notice about me in conversation is the English accent. I'm a dual citizen with UK and US passports thanks to my American mum. She met my dad at college in Boston and they moved back to London to raise their three children (I'm the middle child so feel free to psychoanalyze away!). 
This quirk led to quite a varied set of educational experiences. Raised and schooled in the UK, my first job was as a middle school special education teacher in Louisiana. Next came three years teaching secondary history in London, then four years as an administrator in a San Diego charter high school, before becoming a teacher of middle school humanities and accreditation coordinator at Innovations Academy. 
Being a progressive educator is my calling and career for life. The revolution in social studies education - moving away from tradition lecture and memorization of facts, towards inquiry based learning, collaboration, and 21st century learning skills - is a movement that has powerfully positive implications for students across the country and the strength of our democracy. It's an honor to be part of this evolution in teaching and learning. 
 I'm married to Katrina, a native of Connecticut who practices acupuncture and teaches yoga, and we have two little kids: Devon is now two years old and Elowen just turned 6 months. We are hoping to buy a house in Hamden and set about exploring the coast line of CT, the hiking opportunities, and attending lots of NHS sporting events!
Keith with family
Here I am with my mum and dad, wife Katrina, son Devon, and Elowen is still a bump! This is in Ocean Beach, San Diego. 
  • Education: BA(Hons), Modern History, Oxford University, UK

  • Years teaching: 10

  • Years in Naugatuck Schools: 1

  • A few of my favorite things: Good books, hiking, swimming, playing tennis, relaxing with family, being outdoors, seeing the sun rise or set.

  • A fun fact about me: Rode a bicycle across America (in 2001 - was young and full of energy).

  • Classes I teach: US History, Contemporary Issues

  • Wish list for supplies: Big glue sticks, colored card stock, big easel paper pads (sticky), highlighters