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NaugatuckHigh School

Watch Graduation Online

Thanks to a generous grant from the CIAC, Naugatuck High School has now joined The High School
Sports Network. Now parents, friends, and supporters of NHS can watch Live Streaming Video and
Video-On-Demand presentations of athletic events, as well as other NHS events from the comfort of
whatever location you might be in via the internet.

To view Naugatuck High School events, go to NFHS Network and type our school name into
the “Find Your School And Subscribe Now” box. When our school name appears in the search box,
simply click on it to go to the NHS Video site to select the live event or Video-On-Demand that you want
to view. No subscription is needed to view live streaming non-athletic events.

Please note that
  • A Paid Subscription is required to view NHS Athletic Events. The subscription fees are
    reasonable, and a large portion of the proceeds from subscriptions go to support our teams.
    Subscription options are available on the NFHS Network web site. 
  • No subscription is required to view non-athletic events or athletic events 72 hours after

We hope you enjoy our videos.

Thank you,
The NHS Administration, Athletic Department, The NHS Studio 107 Productions Staff & The NPS IT
For the 2018 Graduation, there is no subscription fee to view. There will not be an option to
purchase a DVD of the graduation. However, the event will remain on this website for future