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Updated list: Supplies needed for CNA program

Dear Friends and Families:

As you know, Naugatuck High School is focused on providing students with as many opportunities as possible to pursue their excellence, each and every day, both at Naugatuck High School and in their post-secondary pursuits.  This coming school year, we are very excited to announce the addition of a Certified Nurses Aide class to our Program of Studies. This class will allow students interested in the health sciences field to gain valuable knowledge and experience to prepare them for continuing their education beyond Naugatuck High School.  While this is an amazing opportunity for the students here in Naugatuck, the equipment list needed to run the program is extensive- in order to reduce the costs associated with the program as much as possible, we are looking to the community for donations. Below, you will find a list of supplies that we are in need of to kick off the program in August.  If you, or anyone you know, is able to help with donations or charitable contributions, it will help us continue to offer the highest level of education to our students.  

If you are able to donate any of the items on the list below, please contact Jennifer Teixeira in the main office at Naugatuck High School at (203) 720-5400 to coordinate.  If you have any questions about the CNA program, please contact Kristina Wallace, Associate Principal, at (203) 720-5412.

Thanks, in advance, for your partnership and support!


Kristina Wallace

Associate Principal

Naugatuck High School


Certified Nurse Aide Program at Naugatuck High School

Supplies List

  • Manikin: 1
    • Very basic model-can provide more detail upon request
  • Electronic Thermometers:
    • Tympanic: 2 
    • Temporal: 2
    • Oral: 1 (Also comes with interchangeable rectal probe for demos)
  • Thermometer probe covers to fit the brand of thermometers purchased:
    • Oral
    • Tympanic
  • Linens/Towels:  
    • Bottom sheets, flat sheets: 4 of each
    • Bedspreads: 3 (can be woven cotton blankets and/or spreads that you might see in a nursing facility or hospital)
    • Flannel “Bath Blankets”: 5
    • Pillow cases: 10*
    • Waterproof Bed Protectors-reusable: 5
    • Bath Towels: 6
    • Hand Towels: 6
    • Washcloths: 20
  • Pillows: 3-4
    •  Standard size (suggest plastic-covered)
  • Teaching Stethoscopes (Can be used by 2 people simultaneously): 1-2
    • Would also get enough of lesser expensive, i.e. “Moore Medical” brand or facsimile so that there are enough for students in pairs to use them (If 20 students, need 10)
  • Blood pressure cuffs: 10 total
    • Regular size: 6
    • Small size: 2
    • Large size: 2
  • Gait belts: 4
    • Large: 2
    • Medium: 2
    • Small: 1
  • Vest restraint: 1
    •  Size Large for demo
  • Wrist/ankle restraint: 2 
    •  for demo
  • Stretch vinyl gloves (100/BOX):
    • Large: 3 boxes
    • Extra Large: 1 box
  • Mesh arms slings: 2
  • 0xygen masks: 5
  • Adult briefs - size large: (72/B0X): 1
  • Bandaids: 1 box of assorted sizes
  • Denture cup (Dentures not included): 3
  • Denture cleaning solution: 1 box
  • Dentures: Type used for demonstrations that are usually rubberized/unbreakable: 1 set
  • Toothettes or facsimile:
    • Used for mouth care/moistening lips/mouth
  • Food coloring: 2 bottles of each- Red & Yellow
  • Toothbrushes: 5
  • Surgical masks: (25-50/BOX): 3
    • Standard tie-on type
  • Safety glasses: 10
    • Basic plastic ones
  • Disposable isolation gowns: (10/B0X): 4
  • Patient hospital gowns (cotton): 4 or 5 “open” size or Large
  • Patient hospital pants: 3 “open” size or Large
  • Pen lights - disposable (6/BOX): 3
  • Male external urinary catheter / "Texas catheter": 10
  • Urinary drainage bags: 5
  • Urinary drainage leg bags: 5
  • 2-Way Foley Urinary Catheters: 4 
    • any size is okay
  • Bedpans:
    • Standard: 3
    • Fracture: 1
    • “Hat” to place in toilet to catch urine for demo purposes: 2
  • Bath basins: 4
  • Emesis basins: 4
  • Soapdish: 2 
    • Closed plastic ones are fine
  • Urinals: 6 
    • Plastic with attached top
  • Stainless steel graduates for measuring intake and output fluids: 2-3
    • Can be plastic if stainless steel is unavailable
  • Combs for Hair: 4
  • Lotion (small hotel/travel size): 4
  • Mouthwash (Small hotel/travel size): 4
  • Toothpaste (Small hotel/travel size): 4
  • Bars of soap (Small hotel/travel size): 4
  • “Faux” Food/Beverages: To be used to practice feeding and for intake and output &ncalorie intake measurements: 
    •  Cardstock-type is more economical